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Wide-neck urn - 25% off

Wide-neck urn - 25% off
This magnificent urn will draw attention in any kitchen. Traditionally used for storing grains and pulses or for keeping water cool in a hot climate, its classical form and lustrous appearance have ensured its survival in modern times, even if only as an objet d'art. The satin black finish is made from a fine layer of alluvial clay applied before firing as a "slip" glaze and carefully polished with semi precious stones like Tiger's Eye. The finished urn is slightly porous and it is this which makes it ideal for keeping water cool in a hot climate; in temperate climes, unfortunately, the water would slowly seep out before it could evaporate. 

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As each piece is hand crafted, some variation in appearance and size will occur. Please click here for further details.

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CL 775Wide-neck urn (5 litres)£120.00

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