Mayan Oval Casserole


(Comes with a lid)
CL 722B 1.5 litres £70
CL 723B 2.5 litres £90
CL 724B 3.5 litres £105
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Ceramic cookware takes longer to heat than metal vessels and correspondingly longer to cool down. A dish which is boiling when taken off the heat, may continue to boil for several minutes after being placed on the table and, if a lid is used, can remain hot enough to eat an hour later.

The slight porosity of the surface serves to enhance the flavour of cooked foods after the vessels have been used several times. It is recommended that wooden cooking implements be used with tierra negra® rather than metal ones.

As each piece is hand crafted, some variation in appearance and size will occur. Please click here for further details.



N.B. the height is measured up to the handles not to the rim.

Code Volume Length Breadth Height
CL 722B1.5 litres26 cm20 cm10 cm
CL 723B2.5 litres33 cm24 cm10 cm
CL 724B3.5 litres35 cm26 cm11 cm