Replacement Lid




Unfortunately, finding a replacement lid to fit a particular casserole can be very difficult. This is because every piece of tierra negra® cookware is individually hand made and each lid is made to fit a particular pot or casserole. Even if you have a round lid of a given size, you will find that they are never perfectly round and only by checking with the actual pot or casserole can we find a suitable replacement. In our experience, the best way to find a matching spare lid (when we do not have the casserole here) is for you to draw around the edge of the old lid or somehow over the actual lip of the casserole. It has to be a real life drawing so we can try our spare lids over the drawing. Using this method, we have succeeded in many cases in finding a replacement. The drawing should be sent to our warehouse. We charge £25.00 for this service plus postage. N.B. before making a payment, please send your tracing to: Scot Columbus 1c Newbattle Abbey Business Park Newbattle Road Dalkeith EH22 3LJ We will contact you when think we have found a suitable replacement lid and you can then come back to this page to make your payment.