Round Base Bowl


CL 251 0.2 litres Ø12 cm £14
CL 252 0.3 litres Ø14 cm £16
CL 253 0.6 litres Ø16 cm £18
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Oven proof, microwave and dishwasher safe.

CL 252 holds about 300 ml.

The CL 253 is a large and deep ceramic bowl with a round but stable base. It holds about 750 ml of soup or a very generous portion of stew or salad.

Recently it has become very popular for making porridge in a microwave.

As each piece is hand crafted, some variation in appearance and size will occur. Please click here for further details.

CL 2510.2 litresØ12 cm5 cm
CL 2520.3 litresØ14 cm7 cm
CL 2530.6 litresØ16 cm7 cm