Shallow Casserole


(Comes with a lid)

Offer: CL 792 with four CL 184 Mayan Dishes – Save £21

CL 792 2.3 litres £90
CL 792 plus 4 Mayan dishes 2.3 litres £170 £149
CL 794 4 litres £148
CL 796 5.5 litres £196
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Hand made entirely from natural materials, tierra negra® ceramic cookware is perfect oven to tableware. Ceramic dishes are not only ideal for stews and casseroles. You can also cook whole joints, pies, risottos and paellas.

Ideal for cooking in the oven, this dish can also be used over the hob, and when the casserole is ready, you can use the dish to serve the food on the table. It makes an attractive centre piece and it keeps the food hot far longer than any metal dish.

As each piece is hand crafted, some variation in appearance and size will occur. Please click here for further details.


dimensions N.B. the height is measured up to the handles not to the rim.
Code Volume Length Breadth Height
CL 792 2.3 litres 30 cm 25 cm 10 cm
CL 794 4 litres 34 cm 30 cm 11 cm
CL 796 5.5 litres 38 cm 32 cm 12.5 cm