Square Trivet


CL 512S Small 9 cm £9
CL 517S Medium 21 cm £24
CL 519S Large 29 cm £48
CL 520S Grand 32 cm £54
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As with all tierra negra® products, this table mat is handmade in the Andes using traditional methods which date back over 700 years. It is remarkably versatile and can be used also as a trivet, a worktop protector – and even as a cheeseboard or for cutting and serving.

Made from a solid slab of clay about 1 cm thick, it has a 2 mm thick cork base. It is also organic – the clay used is lead-free and it is made without the use of any chemical additives. The surface is very finely polished by hand, using semi-precious stones like Tiger’s Eye and the black satin finish makes it attractive on any table.


As each piece is hand crafted, some variation in appearance and size will occur. Please click here for further details.

CL 512SSmall 9 cm 9 cm 1 cm
CL 517SMedium21 cm21 cm1.5 cm
CL 519SLarge 29 cm29 cm1.5 cm
CL 520SGrand 32 cm32 cm1.5 cm