Customer feedback


Just to say ‘Thank you’. My order of a 2-litre casserole arrived today, and is beautiful. I am very impressed with the personal attention I received—the efforts you made to get this to me in time for my friend’s birthday. The delivery, with day-before notice & then a 1-hour time slot, was the best ever! The casserole itself was impressively securely package. Five stars all around!


Hello and Good Morning.

I received my consignment yesterday as promised. Thank you.

Now then……….If any potential customer starts banging on about postage and packing in future, you may refer them to me. After receiving my parcel and happily unpacking it I can say that I have never had such a well packaged box of goodies, ever. I now understand better. Obviously you have very high standards and they were well met. 

We do get “fleeced” being on an island though so I do have an instant “query this” response. I am impressed though. The crockery is just beautiful and after recommended treatment some was in use last evening. Anyway, Have a good day.

Kind Regards



Just to say thank you so much for sending these items so quickly, and being able to enclose the last minute purchase in with this order! Such lovely products - I adore it.

My collection is steadily growing and rest assured, I will always place my order through Scot Columbus, where I know I will receive excellent customer service.


Best regards



Just a note to thank you for the great service in supplying a replacement lid for my casserole. I have had it for many years and use it all the time. It is so lovely I keep it on the stove top all the time. I use it to make soup, stews,anything really and as a lovely serving dish. In the summer it goes on the barbecue! and I would be lost without it. I also have small pots and bowls and from oven to table they all look great. I would recommend this cookware to everyone.

Thanks again

Kind regards 


I just want to thank you for a great service. Both orders arrived safely. The couriers you used are excellent as one can track them and send a message if necessary.  My friend was really delighted with her casserole and I of course am very happy with mine - I have been using these for many years and they are wonderful.

Best wishes,




This is to confirm that the parcel has arrived J J J J J yippeeeeee

I sincerely appreciate all the efforts in meeting “customer demands”, and you have proved beyond doubt that you can satisfy your customers.

Please keep my contacts, we will definitely be doing business again in future.

Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas!!!!

Thanks and regards,


Johannesburg, South Africa


Hello and thank you for mindfully packaging these beautiful items




I just received my order and I'm thrilled with my tagine, serving dishes and sauté pan. Your web site, ordering and delivery processes are among the best I've experienced, I will definitely be ordering with you again.

Thank you,



Thank you for showing the manufacturing process of Tierra Negra pottery. The pieces I have give me so much pleasure; I love their gleam, their warmth to the touch, their solidity and the sound as they are handled. They are so 'good natured' and simple, yet elegant.

I don't know if you pass on comments to the people in the photographs who make Tierra Negra, but, if so I would like to send them my thanks and best wishes for continuing an extraordinary aesthetic tradition. I am very happy that I have a link to these skilled craftswomen and men.



 I have one of your large casserole pots
I have moved and no longer have the lid, it has literally vanished.
Can I get a new Lid from you please!!!!
I've not been able to use it and am really missing my 'hot pot' meals!



By the way, I gave two of your pieces to my sister for Christmas and they were a huge success.
With best wishes for 2014,



I was wondering if a 2.5 litre oval casserole would fit a chicken?
I used to have a brilliant Tierra Negra
pot, in which I would make delicious chicken, and would like to purchase one for someone.



Amazing - the pot arrived at 8.30 and is a perfect match.
I hadn't realized it was coming from Edinburgh.  



The sauté dish arrived today - and it is perfect!
Thank you for being so efficient.



I subscribe to the BBC Good Food Magazine and saw the beautiful ceramic cookware and I would like to purchase one for my daughter. …
Can you please advise if you will send this casserole cookware to Australia? …



They are here! All in perfect state und looking very beautiful!
Thanks a lot. Can’t wait to start cooking…
I am very proud to be the owner of the most beautiful looking pots I ever bought! And I bought a lot over the years.
If you are searching for a distributer in Switzerland… I’m your woman!



... Today I have received the parcel and I am delighted. Thank you for all your trouble.
Hopefully, if all goes well with my recipe I will be ordering another couple.



I have had these black pots for 11 years now and they are fantastic and I would recommend them to anyone! I've only just discovered your website and I am very impressed.



Thank you for the replacement lid - it fits very well.



I LOVE your cookware and have a few pieces that I bought over the years. I am complimented on all the time when I have friends over for dinner.



… Your courier’s driver did come back yesterday and solved the mystery.  The parcel was here all the time.
I also want to thank you for sending the lids (and so well wrapped! The fit is very good (possibly better than the original!) and wonderful to have a spare. A really excellent service from both yourselves and the delivery company. ...
Many thanks for a great service and replacing my lid.  I look forward to many more years with my Tierra Negra.