Round Casserole


(Comes with a lid)

CL 541 1 litre £65
CL 545 3 litres £144
CL 546 4.5 litres £160
CL 547 5.5 litres £176
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Ideal for cooking easy one pot meals. There is no need to use a different pan to sauté food before the casserole goes in the oven, or use a separate dish to serve the food on the table. With this casserole you can do everything in one dish.

This splendid casserole dish has been an icon for tierra negra® products for many years. It has a flat base.

As each piece is hand crafted, some variation in appearance and size will occur. Please click here for further details.


dimensions N.B. the height is measured up to the handles not to the rim.
Code Volume Length Breadth Height
CL 541 one litre 22 cm 18 cm 11 cm
CL 545 3 litres 28 cm 25 cm 14 cm
CL 546 4.5 litres 29 cm 25 cm 17 cm
CL 547 5.5 litres 31 cm 28 cm 18 cm