WishList Help

Creating a wishlist is just like shopping except that you can simply add an item to your wishlist instead of adding it to your shopping cart. You'll see an Add to Wishlist button at the bottom of every product page.

If you are a guest user (i.e. you're not logged in) your wish list will remain only as long as your browser is open.

Log in to your account (or create one) and your wish list will be permanently saved.

Items in a permanently saved wish list will remain there until:

  1. You remove the item from your wish list yourself.
  2. The item is purchased.
  3. The item is permanently deleted from the web site.

When viewing your wish list you may click the product name or image to view details about the product.

When a guest user emails friends a wish list, the friends will receive only the list of products (i.e. they get an email with a list of links to the products in your wishlist). If, on the other hand, you are logged in to your account and email your wish list, they will receive a link to your own dedicated wishlist page where they can view your permanent wish list.

The Add to Cart button on the wish list page transfers the checked items from the wish list to the shopping cart, thus removing them from the wish list. This is a much more convenient way for your friends to view your wishlist and so it is generally much better, if possible, to log in to your account before you send your wishlist.